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The Shutter: Dominic's, BLVD Café, i-Chin, Allegra

In this strange era of Department of Health tyranny, it can be difficult to separate a DOH Shutter from the real deal. (Memo to restaurateurs considering pulling the plug: your moment to fly under the radar is now.) But that won't stop The Shutter from its quest to inform you about closings around town.


1) Tribeca: Here's one way you know a place is closed for good. Per a tipster, "Dominic's (on Greenwich) Shuttered! Windows blocked out, workers inside ripping stuff out." STATUS: goneski. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Lower East Side: Another tipster emails, "Yesterday, I saw closed signs on Blvd Cafe on the bowery @ spring st. 'Renovations'? Doorman of the apt bldg says it closed about a week ago, and he was sure they were reopening but I wonder." STATUS: We'd love to see this one go under, but temporary shutter for some sort of minor makeover is the call here. [Shutter Inbox]

3) Midtown East: "It's been closed for a few weeks and was only open for a few months, but I-Chin on East 50th street next to Lutece, has closed." STATUS: Calls to the venue rang... and rang... and rang. Sayonara. [Shutter Inbox]

4) Midtown West: Shutter vitriol, just the way we like it: "Allegria at 55th and 6th ­ they were very nasty people. I live on 54th and have had trouble there as well as my neighbors." STATUS: Calls to the venue were met with the ol' "phone disconnected" trick. Buhbye. [Shutter Inbox]