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EaterWire: Aquaterra to Bite the Dust & More!

MIDTOWN EAST—Is Aquaterra, chef Tony Acinapurra's midtown Italian restaurant, in danger of shuttering? "Aquaterra on 56th between 2nd/3rd will be closed within the week. Chef Tony Acinapurrahas been in hidding [sic] in Florida with his new wife for over a week. They are being pretty shitty about letting the staff know, could be some fun dirt." You may remember Acinapurra, by the way, as being the chef Rocco tried to fire on reality TV show The Restaurant. [EaterWire Inbox]

2006_01_Smith%20%26%20Wollensky.jpgMIDTOWN EAST—More news surrounding the bidding war for Smith & Wollensky: Patina, the restaurant group who initially made the first offer, is now considering whether or not to raise their bid to match or surpass the offer tabled by Landry's. Patina would let current Smith & Wollensky chief exec Allan Stillman control S & W's restaurants in Manhattan, while Landry's wants control of the entire enchilada. [Crain's]

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