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Chowhound Continues to Censor Di Fara/DOH Posts Despite Growing Opposition, Boards Teetering on the Verge of Useless

There are 451 Chowhound discussions in progress on legendary Midwood pizzeria Di Fara, yet not one of them contains the key piece of information that the restaurant has been closed down by the Department of Health for an as yet unknown variety of health code violations. As became clear yesterday, Chowhound moderators have been instructed to remove all posts and topics that mention the DOH shuttering, because "Chowhound is a great place to discuss where to find deliciousness, but when it comes to serious issues like health violations (or issues that create health violations), we're not a reliable source for information."

One post on Di Fara has remained live, for the moment, and it reads as follows:

Di Fara temporarily closed

I think that for a board that is basically 1/4 dedicated to singing the praises of this restaurant and imploring people to go there, it is only right to mention that anyone who heads out in the next day or two is going to be disappointed. It seems sadistic not to post that important info. Even if the reason for the temporary shutdown is [redacted].

As we said, this above business is the only post left—and it's barely a post, at that. So, Chowhound, enough is enough. Your friends at Eater have an idea. It's totally bonkers and revolutionary. Add one post to the Di Fara's mix that states, simply, (here, we'll write it for you) "Di Fara, one of Chowhounds' most beloved pizza destinations, has been temporarily closed by the NYC Department of Health for health code violations of an as yet undisclosed type. We suggest you call the restaurant (718-258-1367) before making your next pilgrimage to it, in Midwood." You can even leave the thread open, as you people like to do, for additional comments—for, like, when a Chowhounder is the first to discover that the place has reopened.

It would seem that in your infinite efforts to stay a reliable source of information, that right there is pretty reliable. (All best, Eater)
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