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Mice, Rats Still Roaming at Will: Inside Edition

There was a moment when it seemed we might be over the rats. (It was right around GloveGate.) But, alas, the end was not to be quite yet. Today Inside Edition launches a two-part investigation into just how bad our rodent problem is. If Times Square restaurants are any indication (it's national show and Time Square resonates with the middle of the country, see?), the recent spate of DOH closings hasn't done much to clean us up. We've still got rats, and mice, up the wazoo.

At Brazil Grill, a popular restaurant near the heart of Times Square, the rodents seemed to have the run of the place once it closed for the night. INSIDE EDITION cameras captured a number of rodents climbing over what appeared to be a crate of clean glasses (above) that will be set out for customers the next day.

Later that day, INSIDE EDITION went back to Brazil Grill to tell the restaurant about the late night guests. An employee said they don't have a vermin problem, and that "the restaurant is very clean."

INSIDE EDITION brought its cameras back to Brazil Grill at 4:00 AM the next night and while it appeared management was trying to address the problem by pulling away rubber mats and floorboards looking for mice, the restaurant was still not rodent free. INSIDE EDITION cameras caught two rodents scurrying around the eaterys floor.

The full list of restaurants Inside Edition visited: Brazil Grill, 787 8th Ave.; Dunkin' Donuts, 1093 Second Ave.; KFC/Dunkin' Donuts, 761 7th Ave.; Burger King, 401 Fifth Ave.; Arte Pasta, 81 Greenwich Ave.;Papaya King, 179 E. 86th Street; Va Bene, 1589 Second Ave.; Cosi, 498 Seventh Ave. The two-part investigation airs today and tomorrow at 11:30 AM on Fox (today's segment hasn't yet aired).
· Inside Edition Rat Patrol Exposes Rodents at Big Apple Restaurants [Inside Edition]

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