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EaterWire: E.U. Serving Free Booze at Brunch & More!

EAST VILLAGE—The folks at E.U. seem to be bouncing back rather well from all the hullabaloo of the past year or so. Akhtar Nawab is in the kitchen, booze is finally flowing at the bar and local demand for the restaurant seems strong. They'll soon be open the all week (they're currently closed Mondays) and are adding a lunch menu and nightly specials. Also, they are—get this—serving free unlimited Prosecco at brunch. Community Board 3 members welcome. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—Another brunch update, from a tipster, "Was dining at Page 6 favorite Waverly Inn recently and our waiter informed us that the restaurant is currently in the process of working out a brunch menu. Apparently they plan to begin serving sometime in April." Don't expect to get reservations for that, either. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—Courtesy of DBTH, who's been working overtime ever since he or she started that blog, we learn that the owners of restaurant/nightspot Butter are opening a nightclub in the space on Fourth Avenue and 13th Street that formerly housed Plaid. [Down By the Hipster]

MIDTOWN EAST—With hesitancy, we're publishing this note sent in by a reader, "it looks like the pastry chef at Gilt-Nick Morganstern-is on the way out. It's to be official on Monday. I'm sure you try to verify things on your own but going direct to him may not be the best idea. Not sure if he knows about it yet or not! Eeek!" Eeek indeed. Don't kill the messenger. [EaterWire Inbox]

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