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Shake Shack '07: Now With Magic ShackWands!

If 2006 was the year of the ShackCam, then 2007 is the year of the ShackWand. (Will 2008 be the year of the text message ordering system? God willing, friends, God willing.) When the Shack opens on Wednesday, instead of listening for your name with giddy anticipation, you'll have the freedom to roam the park, waiting -- still with the giddy anticipation, obvs -- for a shake from the ShackWand (above and, in action, below) to indicate your order is ready for pick-up. According to Meyer director of operations and one of the few men in the universe who doesn't have to drop $1,000-large for VIP service, Randy Garutti, these bad boys work anywhere in the park. Shacktastic, indeed.


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All photos by Keith Kin Yan

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