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Banned on Chowhound: The Lost Posts V

Chowhound can ban commenters and delete comments all they want on their side of the tracks. Over here, we've pledged to to give those spurned by Jim Leff a voice, in this series, tagged The Lost Posts. In this edition of The Lost Posts, Volume V, we explore the case of what happens when you try to take down a big-time player like Shelly Fireman. Turns out you can't, really.

STATUS: Banned Without Explanation; Foul Play Suspected

PREFACE: "This showed up on my RSS feed. I went to look at it on Chowhound but it had been taken down. Ironic last sentence."


Brooklyn Diner: Very Gross
I went to the outlet on W.43rd and Bwy/7th Ave. The place is very clean and the staff is extremely friendly. This is why I'm confused as to why the place sucks so bad. I was on my way to Times Square around lunch time and figured I'd give it a shot. I never read any reviews on this place before. I figured it was a tourist trap just from the location, but hey no problem some tourist traps aren't that bad. I ordered pigs in a blanket and crispy chicken salad with Black Forest Ham and Gorgonzola cheese with (I believe they state) a raspberry vinaigrettes. They piggys arrived luke warm.

The dough was as greasy as winter snow on the FDR and the hot dog was a tough and bouncy a Spalding. It was salty, greasy and tough and totally inedible. The salad came with big chunks of fried white meat chicken that reminded me of McD's chicken strips. I have no idea what kind of cheese and ham they put inside but it definitely wasn't Gorgonzola or Black Forest like they claim on the menu. No flavor at all. The salad dressing tasted like Heinz Wood Distilled Vinegar had been ladled on top. The only thing good was the diet Stewart's Root Beer that came in a bottle and un-opened. Knowing what I know now if I had a choice between the Brooklyn Diner and the recently closed KFC in The Village, I'll take the rat kneaded poultry. This place is an embarrassment to NYC. It should be banned.
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