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MischievementWire: Sponsored By Hornitos

This month, our friends at Hornitos, makers of fine tequila products, are sponsoring MischievementWire, in which we tell reader tales of borderline behavior. Got a MischieveWire item for us? Drop us a line at

Sponsored.jpgLOWER EAST SIDE?Friday night, 6:00pm, Schiller's. I had been waiting for a table for 45 minutes when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spied a couple topping their beers with napkins and grabbing their cigarettes to head to the sidewalk. I grabbed my date and told her to her to get prepared to strike. The couple walked out onto the sidewalk, their frites half-eaten and their beers half-full. We dropped a twenty on the bar and headed into the dining area.

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