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EaterWire: Zak Still the Boss of 5 Ninth & More!

MEATPACKING—Further developments in the story of 5 Ninth's new chef. The man himself, Billy Barlow, writes us with a clarification: "Let me set a few facts straight. Zak Pelaccio is the Executive Chef at 5Ninth. By no means am I the head chef. I worked for Emeril in New Orleans at Delmonico Restaurant and Bar. Although, I admire Chefs Lagasse and Batali for many reasons. I would not exactly call them my idols. Chris Schlesinger is my food idol. [Currently] we have an interim chef de cuisine with me being nighttime chef and Cesar Gueverra being the daytime chef. We all collaborate with Zak on the menu, and eventually, it will be Cesar and myself reporting to Zak. Also I am 27 not 26." Golly, Zak has a lot of things going these days. Amazing he's still so involved at 5 Ninth. [EaterWire Inbox]

HELL'S KITCHEN—This whole DOH thing? Getting real old. A reader emails, subject "Grand Sichuan in Hell's Kitchen closed by DOH." The email itself: "Locals despondent." [EaterWire Inbox]

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