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Dish Special Freebie Edition: Yolato UWS, Sophie's Midtown

As a special to The Dish, we've got two openings for you fine fine people today. Both venues are celebrating by offering free samples. Intriguing proposition, this gratis food in exchange for love, no?

2007_03_yolato.jpg1) Yolato: New York's second Yolato, and 15,315th frozen yogurt joint, opens on the UWS today (debut store is on MacDougal) and is giving out freebies. If their customized Vespas are any indication, these kids are going to make a semi-serious play for a chunk of the NYC fro-yo market. Six stores are planned for the metro area in 2007. Calorie counters will want to know about their signature yogurt blend, the Yoggi. PR-age: "One of Yolato’s signature products is the fat-free Yoggi, a natural, tangy frozen yogurt made in-house with fat free, organic Stonyfield Farm milk and yogurt. Yoggi is available soft serve or gelato-style and topped with a variety of fresh fruit, nuts and cereals, including deok, Korean rice cakes. In each store, Yoggi will be offered in two flavors—plain and a unique flavor exclusive to that store...Each flavor matches the store’s color scheme, down to the color of the Vespa zipping around the area making deliveries." Positives: marketing plan, color coordinated Vespas; Negatives: a product named "Yoggi". (2286 Broadway at 82nd St, UWS; (212) 580-1635) [EaterWire Staff]

2) Sophie's Midtown: Perennial lunch-time favorite Sophie's Cuban Cuisine opens its 56th branch today and will be giving out free lunch from 11 AM to 2 PM, per Midtown Lunch, who is somewhat worked up over the momentous event: "The day has finally arrived!...Midtown North is finally getting its branch of Sophie’s Cuban (56th St. btw. 5+6th). The official grand opening is on Thursday- but the “Celebration” is today (3/14) from 11am to 2pm. They’ll be giving out a free lunch to everyone who comes in? a “sampling” of all their best dishes. The seating area in the back will be open, and has about 20 tables (but I’d plan on taking it to go). See you in line!!!" (West 56th St. btw. Fifth and Sixth Avenues) [Midtown Lunch]