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Bruni Extends Olive Branches to Chodorow, Ramsay

Tucked away in his somewhat flamboyant* survey of the city's best room service offerings, The Bruni extends olive branches to both Jeffrey Chodorow, who has proclaimed himself Bruni's arch enemy, and Gordon Ramsay, who would also likely file himself under not a fan of Times chief restaurant critic. Of the room service at Hotel Gansevoort, which is provided by Chodorow's Ono:

...sesame-crusted tuna, requested rare, was cooked perfectly, and the wasabi béarnaise with it added the right notes of richness and heat. Roasted chicken was unusually tender. And a miso soup with tofu and scallions had a bewitching perfume.
Ramsay, for his part, gets the top room service ranking in the city (2-6 in order: Hotel on Rivingon, City Club, Hotel Carlton, Hotel Gansevoort, The Muse).
· Meals by the Elevator, With a Touch of the Chef [NYT]

*Actual words, found in succession, in said story: "The food will arrive at the most inopportune moment, e.g., when you’ve just decided to try on the odd leopard-print robe hanging in the bathroom at the Muse Hotel in Midtown."

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