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Morandi Fever: Live From Lunch

12:48: Morandi at Lunch, And So It Begins

What to do when Morandi throws open its lunchtime doors for the first time? Relocate. Eater. Headquarters. Without further ado, may we present Morandi at Lunch, a photo journal and liveblog. Up and running until McNally gets up from his corner booth and gives us the ol' heave-ho.

12:53: The Morandi dining room, bathed in midday light.

1:34: Steve Cuozzo, seated at a choice corner booth. His menu: bibb lettuce salad, orecchiette pasta en route. Ginger ale to drink.

1:44: McNally apparently no longer lurking around bar area. For the record, the man is looking tanned, rested, and ready these days.

1:58: The Cuoz, out; dining room at 18% capacity. Pollo alla diavolo has come and gone, needs some work. Eater photog roaming, lurking, plotting next shot.

2:12 Cafe area to the left of the maitre'd station. It won't be this empty at 2pm for long.

2:28: Eater, out; $95 all-in for two. This is Keith McNally and the king is going to get some time to work it out, but we'll say this: the food has a long way to come. Jody Williams is a much better cook than her kitchen is making her out to be thus far.

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