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Chodorow, Pelaccio, Opening 'Best of NY' Market

LX.TV drops an interview with Jeffrey Chodorow today, and from the video we're served some juicy bits of primo Chodorow intel. First, the place he's opening with Zak Pelaccio is called Borough Food and Drink and it sounds like an awful idea it'll be a Best-of NY marketplace and restaurant. The best cured meats, perogies and other 'artisan products' from all corners of the five boroughs will be sold at retail and used in dishes the restaurant offers during meal services. The venue will be in the former Rocco's space on East 22nd street.

Also of note from the interview: Chodorow reveals who the other critic he excoriated in his Times Ad was (Grimes) and which are his top grossing restaurants (Asia de Cuba, China Grill).
· Jeffrey Chodorow [; new restaurant intel at 14:25]