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EaterWire: Owners of PM Breathe Life Into Sascha Space & More!

MEATPACKING—The space that housed Deathwatch victim Sascha will reopen as a bakery/bistro/lounge amalgam from brothers Kyky and Unik, owners of club PM. Daniel Maurer for Cutlets has the intel, along with this teaser: "For the bistro, Kyky tells us he's negotiating with a noted chef from "a very famous place in New York" to hammer out an eclectic menu..." Anyone have a clue as to the identity of this noted chef? Also included in the item is a mention of Kyky's other project, an enormous restaurant in Harlem named Bistro de Paris, slated to open in three months time. [Cutlets]

UNION SQUARE—A curious note from the Inbox, subject line Candela: "Sam Talbot from Top Chef is opening a place there." The space is located on 16th Street between Park Avenue and Irving Place. Pics confirming construction or other activity at said location wouldn't be the worst thing to have pop into the inbox. Ahem. [EaterWire Inbox]