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EaterWire: Fireside Backlash and More!

MIDTOWN EAST—Re Fireside, here's a non-Steven-Hall-induced take, received in the inbox this afternoon: "I acted as companion eater when [publication]'s Food Buzzer reviewed Fireside. I find the lack of bad press puzzling, as I found the entire experience heavy-handed, yet watered-down. Drinks packed no punch (maybe I'd ordered off the Children's Cocktail Menu...) and the food, especially DeMarco's famed apple-foiegras lollies, exhibited the bad trend where chefs use a luxury ingredient as a jazzy adjective to make down-market, obvious flavors sound slightly more sexy. It was a far too sweet livery apple on a stick. The review on [publication] was too kind. Perhaps this scatter-shot PR strategy is a diversion-tactic..." [EaterWire Inbox]

CARROLL GARDENS—Lost City has the breaking news that Monteleone and Cammarerei has finally actually opened: "Less than 12 hours after grousing here about when the newly combined Monteleone and Cammareri bakery might finally deign to open, my wife walks through the door with a tidy little box wrapped in red and white string full of Monteleone cookies. The bakery's door apparently swung open today (Feb. 8). Wifey's take on it: "They don't know what they're doing yet. And it wasn't their full selection. I got what I could." [Lost City]

FLATIRON—From a pavement-pounding RG: "Daniele's Piadina (22nd St. nr. 6th Ave.), sleek Flatiron go-to for all things panini, seems to be closed due to health issues. There's a sticker slapped out front saying the permit's expired, closed due by health dept., you get the picture." [EaterWire Inbox]