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Adventures in Public Relations: Steven Hall Special, Part II

When is a restaurant opening not a restaurant opening? Let's find out.

This week, three reputable blogs have posted preview style reviews about Fireside, a fairly random restaurant in the Omni Bershire Hotel in Midtown. The venue also got listed in TONY a few weeks back, in addition to a smattering of other publications that cover NY restaurant openings. This strikes us as odd: Although there was an opening party for press this past Monday night, Fireside has been open for business since early December (according to the Omni, it's actually be open since October, but we'll chalk up those first two months to tweaks and what have you). Now where have we seen this complete nonsense before? Oh, right. Steven Hall, diabolical architect of the Metro Marche Ribbon Cutting ceremony, you're at it again, sir. Congratulations on another hideous job well done. (To our blogger brethren: C'mon, people!)
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