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BREAKING: Nightclub B.E.D. Calls it Quits

Just days after West 27th Street nightclub B.E.D. played host to the tragic murder of a patron, who was pushed into an elevator shaft by a bouncer, the venue has announced, by way of posted sign, that they're finished. From a tipster on the ground:

Looks like it's nighty-night for BED....A sign posted on the door said it is now closed...permanently. It might have something to do with last week's incident where a patron got into a fight with a bouncer and then fell down an elevator shaft to his death.
Although this information could not be confirmed at post time, we're ready to call this the beginning of the slow, painful, overdue, official retreat of West 27th Street clubland.
· Plunge from 'Bed' [NYDN]
· B.E.D. [official site]

UPDATE: Confirmed, per an Eater tipster: "got an email from a friend with business at BED, who received an email from someone who works there saying they were not going to re-open."