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Banned on Chowhound: The Lost Posts II

Chowhound can ban commenters and delete comments all they want on their side of the tracks. Over here, we've pledged to to give those spurned by Jim Leff a voice, in this series, tagged The Lost Posts. In this edition of The Lost Posts, Volume II, to be exact, we encounter the story of Mara's Homemade. STATUS: Inexplicably Banned, Foul Play Suspected.

The Story: Recently a thread popped up on chowhound about Mara's Homemade; the question was "I'm going here on Saturday night, and the menu looks so big and everything looks good. What should I get?"

The first responder said, "You should get. . . . your party to go to somewhere else" and the second responder said "hahahaha. I've been there once and it was just ehhh..." I posted, "I agree with the above two. I thought it was overpriced and the owners very pushy." Only a few hours later, the posting disappeared...

One thing to note is that if you do a search on 'Mara' on the Manhattan chowhound board, you don't really get any negative interviews. Another interesting note is that Mara's Homemade responds to a large number of the negative reviews on citysearch. Perhaps the owners like to make sure that any negative reviews on chowhound are removed?

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