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Deathwatch: Kobe Club

Despite our distaste for bandwagon-jumping (and the fact that it seems cruel to Deathwatch a venue that hasn't even finished its website), the swords are clearly out for Kobe Club. Though the Deathwatch committee gave strong consideration to Deathwatching restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow himself, this week's collective goose-egg for the restaurant made the job easier. Hence, the stamp, which now hangs like the Sword of Damocles over an establishment whose decor makes writing this sentence almost too easy.

In the spirit of salvation, however, we're polling assorted restaurant owners, and you, about how Kobe Club might yet be salvaged. Your best concepts to the tipline, if you would. We'll gather and run the best, then fax them over to Chodorow HQ. Together, perhaps we can bring this odd space on the south side of West 58th Street the glory it's been seeking.
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