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Adventures in Public Relations: 'Femme Fatale Libation'

[this post has been updated]
When a press release is written for something that has no business being press released -- say, a new baked organic chicken sprinkled with fairy dust or a random new cocktail added to a menu of flashy cocktails -- the least the release writer can do is make her prose absurd. Not in a wow, this press release is pointless kind of way; but as in, holy hell, the PR firm that signed off on this thing must be batshit insane. Because at least in the second case, you get your message out. Observe the genius of the latter tack, exemplified here in the announcement of a very special new cocktail being introduced at West Village cocktail stop Employees Only.

Exclusive Manhattan Restaurant Creates A Femme Fatale Libation
Employees Only releases the Mata Hari cocktail created with Landy Cognac

(February 6, 2007 – New York, NY) – Employees Only, the West Village bar known for some of the best classic cocktails in Manhattan, has released a new libation with the exclusive Landy Cognac that will seduce patrons with a single sip. The Mata Hari cocktail was created by Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas, partners of Employees Only.

The Mata Hari cocktail includes the affordable luxury, Landy VSOP, shaken with chai-infused vermouth and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. When asked to describe the libation, Dashan said, “This cocktail mirrors the affect of a beautiful woman on a man,
it attracts by its looks and invigorates by its aroma. And like a woman, the Mata Hari explodes with flavors. Landy VSOP is an essential ingredient because its floral characteristics bring out the subtle flavors of the cocktail.”

Landy Cognac hails from the award-winning house of Cognac Ferrand. The brand’s rapid growth and success comes from its recently reinvigorated marketing strategy in the US, which includes the creation of signature libations by famed mixologists from around the country. From coast to coast, celebrities, VIPs, trendsetters and tastemakers have been raving about Landy's signature cocktails, some of which include the Landy Havanero, Little Devil, French Orgasm, Landy Amour and the Ultimate Royale. Landy Cognac is the perfect blend of traditional and modern values, breathing new life into traditional French spirits. This “new generation cognac” is targeting younger consumers, with refined, sophisticated taste.
Also, when you finish a Mata Hari, you roll over and fall asleep. The glass better be gone by the morning.

UPDATE: The only thing better than a press release of this kind is a dicey back story to go with it. Turns out this is puppy was in no way sanctioned by Becca PR, the PR firm of record at E.O. It was written and distributed a bit underhandedly by IT Management Global. Cage Match details to follow.