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Marion's Up for Sale on the Bowery

Commercial real estate listings tell us the most interesting things. Like, in this case, the fact that Bowery restaurant Marion's Continental is on the block, with the current owner prepared to deliver the space vacant to the buyer. All yours for $3.5 million! And as a bonus, the space next door—holding clubs Marquee (no, not that Marquee) and The Slide (UPDATE: by which we of course mean the new-ish M&R Bar)—is also on the block, for a more palatable $400,000.

No word on a Marion's closing date. We've long had a soft spot for the place, and Deathwatch in this case just seems like more salt in the wound, so let's just leave it at that.
· Listings: 354-356 Bowery [Sierra Realty, items 8&9]
· Marion's Continental [Official Site]

Update: Word from Richard Bach, "owner and son of Marion": "Hi, our space on the Bowery has been listed for sale for years. We have no plans of closing unless we get an offer we can't refuse, lol."