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Show Us The Morandi: The Plywood Comes Down!

It is a very special day, friends. Pictured here is Morandi, being stripped of its plywood as we speak. We have a photographic correspondent on the scene. As images come in, we'll be bringing them to you. Are you excited? We're excited. Get excited.


At the very top we have a Northwestern-facing view of Keith McNally's any-day-now hotness, yes, Morandi. Just above, with fantastic lighting detail inset, is the view looking down Waverly in a roughly Southeast direction. Per previous reports, this glorious venue will be Keith's homage to Italian food, complete with Jody Williams helming the kitchen. PR continues to quote us an opening date of 'hopefully soon,' which may have something to do with the fact that our man still doesn't have his liquor license. For a trip down memory lane, below is a shot of the plywood going up.


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