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Hip Guide Goes Negative, Prophetically Pans 205

Since 2001, but on the wane of late, HipGuide has been a niche source for bar and club info, the Bungalow 8 of online city guides, if Shecky's is a random frat bar in Murray Hill. Generally, their reviews are pretty run-of-the-mill and entirely gushing, though well curated. But a recently posted diatribe of Serge "La Esquina" Becker's LES club 205 seems to signal a welcome editorial shift at HipGuide. It's an awesomely bad read, but in light of recent developments has sparked in us a renewed interest in the website, which may have gotten the 205 story right before anyone else:

A hideously run "club" this spot is in our guide only so the omission is not glaring. And we are fans of Serge Becker, from whom we expect more than this. But perhaps one man cannot do it all; after all La Esquina and The Box right next door must keep him super busy. Too busy perhaps to find the proper managers. After giving the former 6's and 8's a 60s-wannabe facelift, it's amateur-hour at this basement-esque room where the staff don't seem to have any training in nightlife whatsoever. Starting with the door, a complete mess, where some nights even the DJ spinning can't get in, to inside where there seems to be no policing of illicit activities. But pride cometh before a fall and so we wonder how long the downtown set, notoriously fickle, will put up with unjustified arrogance wrapped in silver foil, exposed pipes and freight-elevator décor. Here's hoping that co-owner Aaron Bondaroff (A-Ron of aNYthing) will jump ship before the Jersey-transported kids (who've reinvented themselves as hipsters, courtesy of black hair dye and weedwacker haircuts) take him down with them."
Indeed, the 'Guide was on to something (even if this review is really only the manifestation of a vendetta again a bouncer who negged them). Re those 'illicit activities' (all those coke den rumors, perhaps?) there's plenty of policing happening these days, of course. On a recent visit, we were reminded by every last door person that there was 'no smoking of any kind' permitted.
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