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ChodoblogGate Hangover: Bruni Not Banned Afterall

It's day eight of Jeffrey Chodorow v. NY Times Company, Pete Wells, Frank Bruni et al and to celebrate The Sun runs their second article (number one) on the business today. It's a wrap up/check-in with Chodorow to see how he's feeling a week later. First of all, he'd do it again: "Happy is a relative concept, but I would do it again..." Second, and more importantly, it looks like the BruniBan is over. Annie Karni for the Sun: "Last week, Mr. Chodorow swore that he would ban Mr. Bruni from his restaurants in the future, but as passions have cooled, he said yesterday that it probably won't be the case. "I have no idea what I'll do," he said."

In a special ChodoblogGate bonus, his royal Drewness weighs in as well, siding with Chodorow, elbowing Bruni in the temple. Nieporent: "My experience has been that food critics don't even want to talk to us anymore," he said. "If they want to know if it was basil or cilantro, they won't even ask us. They come up with their own ideas, which can be totally inaccurate." Indeed, just another day in ChodoblogGate.
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