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BruniBetting: Robert's Steakhouse

Tomorrow, Frank Bruni reviews Robert's Steakhouse, located at the Penthouse Executive Club. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 3-1
One Star: 2-1 ??
Two Stars: 6-1
Three Stars: 25-1
Four Stars: 25,000-1
In retrospect, it's not shocking that The Bruni was so nice to Chodorow in the aftermath of Chodorow's spectacular mental derailment from last week. We now know that Bruni was thinking to himself, "Just seven days until I make Chodorow's head explode. Patience, Frank. Patience." The bad news for Jeffrey Chodorow is that Robert's, a steakhouse in a strip club, cannot mathematically do any worse than his own Kobe Club did. The worse news is that people are known to quite enjoy Robert's genuinely solid steakhouse fare (ladies and gentlemen, Mister Cutlets) and, as such, it will likely get a star. Indeed, ergo, and thusly, Eater is taking one star on Robert's, anticipating praise for Adam Perry Lang's quality meat and aging process. Also look for 16 thinly veiled references to Kobe and at least one joke about swords.
· Robert's Steakhouse [NYT; after 8:00 PM]

?? denotes the Eater bet.