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BREAKING: Mermaid Inn, Harrison Alum Takes Shopsin's Space

The former Shopsin's space at 54 Carmine Street has been leased to Mikey Price of Little Mermaid and The Harrison fame. Though ink is still drying on the lease and venue details are not yet available, you can be sure the venue will be in the refined neighborhood mold of Mermaid and Little Owl. In fact, it had been widely rumored that the space would be taken by Gabriel Stulman and Joey Campanaro to expand Little Owl. They will be on board in spirit only. Stulman tells us, "We have all been friends for a while and if there is any way in which we can help him out down the road we will? it’s all family."

As for Jimmy Bradley and Danny Abrams alums tending to settle in the West Village, it's officially a trend: Stulman/Campanaro's Little Owl, Price's TBD, and the developing Perilla from Harold Dieterle makes three. [EaterWire]