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The Shutter: LoSide Redux, La Marmite, Mullen's Pub

As darkness falls on New York City, so does it fall for these restaurants. It's time for another edition of The Shutter.

2007_02_loside.jpg1) Lower East Side: The final (no, really) nail in the coffin for the long-ago Deathwatched LoSide Diner, which has been closed since mid-fall. An Eater reader emails, "LoSide Diner on Houston now has a For Rent sign in its window. Dead dead good!" Gridskipper scores the photo confirm (left). C'est tout. [Gridskipper, previous]

2) Harlem: Sweet, sweet Shutterwood, via Uptown Flavor: "La Marmite, formerly on near 124th Street, is moving to Seventh Avenue between 133rd and 134th Street. I noticed that the space next door is being prepped for the Shrine restaurant and bar." [Uptown Flavor]

3) Chelsea: Some 23rd Street carnage courtesy of BlogChelsea: "It took me a while to notice, but earlier this month Mullen's Pub located at 228 7th Ave closed. According to sources, the owner of the establishment was facing a huge rent increase and chose to take a buy-out. In all fairness, I only visited the pub once several years ago and wasn't that impressed. However, others enjoyed the reasonably priced drinks and burgers including a particular neighborhood artist who's name I will not mention." [BlogChelsea]

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