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Shake Shack Takes Top Burger Honors at SoBe

At the 2007 Food Network South Beach Food and Wine Festival, now underway in SoBe, last night was the much anticipated burger competition—to be exact, the Burger Bash hosted by Rachel Ray at the Ritz Carlton. In a national cook-off that included more than 15 other top burger contenders from around the country, New York's own Shake Shack took top burger honors. True, perennial contenders like Burger Joint and In-N-Out sat out the event; but it's a nice feather in Team Shack cap nonetheless. Says Randy Garutti, director of ops for USHG, "It was the first time the shackburger has ever been truly made outside of the shack. We're proud to say it traveled well and the team put on a good show." Locals, not to worry. This should only add another $5 or $10 bucks to what VIP treatment will cost you.
· Amstel Light Burger Bash hosted by Rachael Ray [SoBe Food & Wine Fest]