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Plywood Blog Special: Hibino

Not since the crazy cats behind Frankies 457 documented the creation of their Carroll Gardens eatery back in 2004 have we been as smitten with a restaurant renovation blog as we are with that of Hibino, a forthcoming Japanese restaurant on the corner of Henry and Pacific in Cobble Hill. (Word from the inside is that Hibino will serve "real Kyoto-style Japanese food and sushi, affordable"; opening tentatively set for late March.)

To the blog's in-action plywood pics! Above left, "This is an entrance area: our future manager, Hinata will greet you here." Above right, "This is Yoji-kun. He is also from YT design, and working as a field manager. Under the watchful eyes of Yoji-kun, construction is going smoothly. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!" (Memo to the restaurateurs among us: this kind of attitude wins friends—fast.)
· Hibino Blog []
· Hibino Plywood Exterior [blueglue/Flickr]