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EaterWire: Bowery Hotel Bar Open & More!

EAST VILLAGE—It would seem as though the Bowery Hotel, the newest project from the folks behind the Waverly Inn, the Maritime and the Park, has soft opened. About a month ago, we mentioned evidence (shown here) of a pizza oven in the space. Today, blogger Down By The Hipster breaks the news that the restaurant will be run by the owner of Freemans:

We admit that we are a sucker for this Bowery Hotel thing...The place is sweet, ranking up there with the other boutique powerhouses, both in NYC and globally. That's right, globally. But we have more than just praise. We have some juicy intel. Like the bar is open for business. And that the restaurant will be of the Italian variety and is named Gemma...To top it all off, there will be a super stealth Japanese joint in the sub-level that is still a few months away.
DBTH adds that Taavo Somer of Freemans is involved as the operator. Half true—he's the architect of the place. Two words we can't get enough of: Taavo, Somer. Three more: super, stealth, Japanese. [Down By The Hipster]

WEST CHELSEA—Just two days after Scores West was ordered DRY, the bartenders are back to mixing overpriced cocktails, reports the Observer. "A lawyer for the infamous strip club has snagged a temporary restraining order, barring the State Liquor Authority's earlier emergency liquor-license suspension from taking effect. [NY Observer]

MIDTOWN WEST—A reader tips us off to the closure of Acqua Pazza, the Italian restaurant owned by the Arapia family. "Acqua Pazza on 52nd between 5th and 6th has closed. I just walked by, and they have a notice posted on their front door." Another reader has a bit more to say about the shuttering. "Wow an other Arpaia restaurant has closed last week (Dona, Bellini, Onera Acqua Pazza) (Donatella famous restaurateur). How come no one write anything about?? Can be that even in the restaurant business more you show your tits more you go on? What a shame for all the customers that have been to these restaurants and spend money." Wow, someone's angry. Acqua Pazza was closed to make room for Dontella's soon to open restaurant Anthos. [EaterWire Inbox]