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Deathwatch: 24 Prince

Let's cut straight to the chase and lay out the evidence that the Deathwatch Committee considered when the bailiff escorted Prince Street eatery 24 Prince into the deliberation chambers:

· January 3, via email: "Jay Bakker son of Tammy Faye Baker and star of one punk under god spent New Year's Eve at the bar of 24 Prince sipping on diet cokes. While Umberto Sanchez the newest member of the Yankee's dined in the private room, only showing up 45 minutes late to his reservation the other guest at his table included Jill- Melean of Mad Tv, Reno 911 etc and other faces of tv all snacked on the famous mac n cheese rolls while they waited." Status: dangerously D-list.

· January 30, via email: "SUPER BOWL XLI PARTY at 24 PRINCE. We will be showing the super bowl on multiple tv's. Private room available for large groups. Please call to make reservations 212.226.8624." Status: per a reader forward of this selfsame email, "Deathwatch this place already."

· February 8, via email: "Valentine's Day at 24 Prince. Comfort and Romance. Main dining room for couples and friends. Downstairs lounge for singles... The prix-fixe menu will start with Pigs in a Blanket and Mac & Cheese Rolls for the table." Status: Deathwatched.

Of course, there was also 24P's Adventure in Shilling last fall (Deathwatch indicator #14), and that kerfuffle over its decidedly non-secret "secret room" (#78). And so the hammer falls on the cursed Rondure space again.
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