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Eater Inside: Blue Ribbon Bar

[Kalina, 2/20/07.]

Here we have the Brothers Bromberg's (Bruce and Eric) latest creation, Blue Ribbon Bar. It's located just opposite their long-time Downing Street mainstay, Blue Ribbon Bakery, which provides much kitchen support to its new sibling. Though the place is designed as a holding pen for the Bakery, that plan may backfire. Per the Eaters' Journal: "We're guessing that the spot will be nigh impossible to get into. The interior is sleek and wood paneled; seating is confined to a marble bar and a marble counter. Though the drink list wasn't finalized as of last night, we can testify that cocktails are first rate." A tasty, if meandering, food menu is promised as well. As a special sideshow bonus, if you pay attention you'll catch unhappy Bakery staff, sometimes even a Bromberg Brother, shuttling bowls and plates back and forth between venues.

Further reading in the Eaters' Journal.