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Chodoblog Hangover: Bruni Kills With Kindness

In a stunning and not completely unexpected turn of events, The Bruni went on the record this morning, for both the Sun and Page Six, regarding Jeffrey Chodorow's Laser Light Show Spectacular. Where a 'no comment' from The Bruni would have sufficed, the Times critic actually decided to twist the knife a bit, by way of being excruciatingly kind. This from the Sun:

"I completely understand his being disappointed in the Kobe Club review, but all those things I've written are completely honest, if inevitably subjective," Mr. Bruni said. "None of them had any personal grudge. The next time he opens a restaurant that seems to be the kind that warrants a look and a review, it will get the same open-minded reaction that any new place gets."
To be clear, Wild Salmon doesn't have a prayer. Bruni 2, Chodorow 0.
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