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EaterWire: McNally Takes to the Streets in Protest & More!

MEATPACKING—Curbed has photos of Keith McNally, with homemade sign, hitting the streets to protest the Gansevoort MeatBoard. A bystander who snapped the restaurateur in action said, "Attendance looked a little weaker than last time, although all the usual suspects were there. Funny to see McNally, who is a little camera shy, putting himself right in the public eye." [Curbed]

WILLIAMSBURG—Plywood veteran Silent H (a new Vietnamese restaurant) teased Bedford Ave locals by opening this past weekend, then shuttering within days. A chowhounder has the news that the unfortunate closing is due to nefarious "permit problems." [Chowhound]

MIDTOWN WEST—A reader emails to confirm the presence of the Kobe Club overflow sign at Quality Meats. "I watched it being put up last evening as I was enjoying a drink and some charcuterie at the (heavily populated) Quality Meats bar. The posting of the sign was a source of much amusement to the clientele, all of whom seemed to be there by choice, not Kobe Club refugees. Oh snap! [EaterWire Inbox]