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Scandal at Chodoblog: Commenters Being Censored

It's been a matter of hours since Jeffrey Chodorow gloriously launched his Chod-O-Blog and already we have a scandal on our hands. It seems the restaurateur cum blogger is censoring his commenters, allowing only the ones he likes to be published live to the site. Here's the troubling note we received a litte while ago:

I have to say that I think Jeffrey Chodorow is a sore loser. I expressed my opinions in a tactful manner (I swear!) on his blog in comments. Needless to say, these comments need to be approved before being posted. Shocker that just about all of the comments already posted are infinite praises to Chodorow.
Indeed, a spot inspection reveals that nearly all of the comments that are posted currently are in support of Chodorow. Here's to hoping this changes quickly. Surely the man who takes out a full page ad in the Times because he feels it is 'VERY IMPORTANT' that the people hear both sides understands the need for debate on his own blog.
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UPDATE: Thank you for addressing the issue, Mr. Jeffery Chodorow's Tech Person. Here's the latest comment: "You are nuts. I've been to Kobe Club, and honestly, it's not very good. It's extremely overpriced. I'll never go there again. So stop being such a cry baby."