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Chodoblog Overflow Enter Here

A small piece of the Jeffrey Chodorow Loses His Mind Before Your Very Eyes Show from this morning initially escaped us. Seems not only did The Chodster go after Wells, Bruni and the Times, he also went after his neighbor from across the street, Quality Meats:

Quality Meats and Kobe Club, across the street from one another on west 58th street, were mobbed, the former, in part, because people were unable to get into the latter.
In response to this affront, we've been told from reliable and official sources, the above sign will be posted in the window of Quality Meats any second now. ("Our restaurant was packed for 6 months before Kobe Club was a glimmer in Jeffrey's eye," a Quality Meats spokeswoman says.)

If per chance you want to support Quality Meats, or show your distaste for Kobe, for that matter, we've provided a downloadable version of the sign for you to post as you wish. We've also fashioned a blank Kobe Club Overflow sign, should you want to post it in your very own restaurant establishment.*
· Kobe Club Overflow Enter Here (Quality Meats) [.pdf download]
· Kobe Club Overflow Enter Here (Blank) [~E~]
· Chodorow Declares War on Wells, Debuts Blog in Full Page Times Ad [~E~]

*Attention restaurateurs: Send us snaps of the sign in your window. Celebratory Eater posts promised!