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EaterWire: Scores Stripped of Liquor License & More!

WEST CHELSEA—The Real Estate has it that Scores West has had their liquor license suspended: "Nearly a month after undercover cops arrested four dancers on charges of prostitution, shock jock Howard Stern's favorite strip club lost its liquor license on Wednesday. The State Liquor Authority unanimously voted to suspend the gentlemen's club's license, after determining the embattled venue posed "an immediate and imminent threat to the public." It occurs to us that Scores may benefit from this in a round-about sort of way. Isn't the law such that without booze gentleman's club are permitted to offer 100% authentic birthday suit dancing? [The Real Estate]

WILLIAMSBURG—On good authority: "the owners of the lotus club at clinton and stanton are closing down their williamsburg bar, southside lounge. it's a sure thing. the bartenders were talking about it last night. believe the last night is march 2nd." [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST—The Gobbler, slighted in that Chodorow didn't take out a full page ad in response to his review, weighs in on Chodoblog: "In his new blog, Mr. Chodorow promises a section called “Following Frank and After Adam” in which he (or maybe his underlings) plan to critique Bruni and the Gobbler’s critiques. The Gobbler can’t speak for Mr. Bruni, but he welcomes this development. He doesn’t blame Mr. Chodorow for going a little nuts." [Cutlets]