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Morandi Fever: Special Preview Report

Ever so slowly, the Morandi pieces are starting to fall into place. Kalina has been dispatched, full field inspections are scheduled. (See also, bonus Morandi Fever Edition Listage, which provides plenty of fresh intel.) At this time, we offer you a special preview report and the above contraband, a fairly revealing shot of the interior.

2/19/07, 6:30 PM: "The place still smelled like fresh paint when we walked in at 6:30. The decor is very rustic farmhouse, with low wood-beamed ceilings and lots of charming details (chandeliers, tiled floors, white pressed-tin ceiling, large exposed-brick covered columns, unfinished-wood barstools). The dining room was totally empty--with only 4 or 5 other patrons.The space is large. Lots of servers were milling about in white uniforms with "Morandi" stitched on the chest. A host and McNally, wearing a black sweater and grey slacks, greeted us at the door. He (McNally) informed us that they were serving friends and family for dinner and asked if we were from the neighborhood. We replied in the affirmative and were ushered to the bar, where McNally told the bartender to make us some free drinks.

The cocktail menu seemed summery, with a bunch of fruity concoctions. Drinks were served in tiny, kid-sized glasses. On the menu, they were $10 a pop. Final thought: This is the last time anyone will see this dining room empty at dinnertime...and this place is going to make a ton of money."
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