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EaterWire: Hanson Opening a Steakhouse & More!

A cell phone shot of the front of the Morandi menu; not exactly Revealed! material, but...

MURRAY HILL/PARK SOUTH CORRIDOR—Steve Hanson becomes the latest restaurateur to enter the Steakhouse fray: "just a tip -- saw your post on the park ave country club and i wanted to confirm that i was eating at sushi samba on park last friday when a man came up and asked us to fill out BR guest feedback cards and told us that they'd just bought the park ave country club next door and were opening a steakhouse in the space. voila!" [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE—There is nothing like a good ressurection: "you posted that "Arte around the Corner" on the UWS seemed closed. It is actually incorrect, we had to let the landlord change the front if the building and could not operate for 4 days. We are up and running as good as new if not newer now that we have a different storefront. Anyhow thanks for noticing us and being a patron. Would you please correct the information with your readers?" Why, yes. [EaterWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Prepared food discontinuation alert: "Lotus Cafe, my favorite indie coffee shop on the Lower East Side, is no longer serving prepared food. I'm a little late on this (they stopped Feb 12th). I used to come to Lotus to work and you could stay all day using the free wifi and eating breakfast (bagels), lunch (surprisingly great homemade sandwiches, salads and soups) and having beer come nightfall, when the place turns into a bar. I came in today to work and there was a sign saying that because of increasing costs (rent, i guess) they are no longer serving food (although they still have a few pastries). So sad." [EaterWire Inbox]