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Adventures in Shilling #007

This edition of Adventures in Shilling celebrates hotgirl1, a Citysearch commenter who has a real soft spot for nightspots Honey, Proof, and Dip. Other than hotgirl1, these bars have something else in common, namely, their ownership. Let the shill parade begin.

1) On Honey:

Awesome time...Great Spot!

Went there for a birthday party and it was soo much fun! The staff, the people, the enviroment all made our time there a blast. If you are reading this and trying to pick a place to have a birthday party or event... stop reading and book it! That is... if there is any space left!!

Shill Probability: 99.89%

2) On Proof:


I love PROOF. This place is a great bar to have a few with friends and just chill. I love it here and I will def be back. Keet it up PROOF!!

Shill Probability: 99.90%

3) On Dip:

Thank you DIP!!!

This place is GREAT! The food is awesome and the service even better. I have read a few of these reviews and all I can say is that it must have been an off night or something cause my experiances have been nothing shy of excellent. Love the martinis too!! This place is a MUST GO! Thank you DIP.

Shill Probability: 100%

Thank you HOTGIRL1!!
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