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Show Me the Morandi: Morandi Fever!

If you don't have the fever yet, then, frankly, you're slipping. We've got the fever. New York has the fever. Welcome to Morandi week here in NY, folks. Although it's slated for next week officially, Morandi opened its doors last night to friends and family and, we hear, to the public, at the bar. There is also word that the resy line -- (212) 627-7575 -- will be functioning as early as later today. NYM has some details on the menu: "There’s frati, the aniseed-scented sugar doughnuts of Lucca; gnocco fritto and passatelli from Emilia-Romagna; dried pastas and fresh ones like pizzoccheri, made from rye flour; and daily specials like Sunday’s bollito misto (Williams’s favorite)." The interior is as you'd expect: Vintage McNally. More to come shortly, but this is your fair warning to brace.
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