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Banned on Chowhound: The Lost Posts III

Chowhound can ban commenters and delete comments all they want on their side of the tracks. Over here, we've pledged to to give those spurned by Jim Leff a voice, in this series, tagged The Lost Posts. In this edition of The Lost Posts, Volume III, we explore the creative editing techniques of the Chowhound moderators. It turns out they're allowed to call shill, but Chowhounders themselves cannot.

STATUS: Inexplicably Banned, Venue Favortism Suspected.

Contraband: "So I read the below post on CH just now, and called a shill a shill. I believe my exact words were: "Wow. Adventures in Shilling.... brooklyn edition." About a minute later that was removed. Then someone else responded to my post that had just been taken down (I managed to save it in the string below) and THAT response was also taken down.

Fun times!

This was on the Outer Borroughs message board."

great italian in park slope/carroll gardens area
Ok So after years in the neighborhood and many times walking by Monte's Venetian Room (one of brooklyns few restaurants over 100 years old) we finaly stopped in to eat around xmas and have been going back ever since. I guess it took us awhile as they are a little off the beaten path on Carroll Street between 3rd ave and either bond or nevins street i forget which right now. In our visits we've tried 5 different entrees and thier famous cheesecake repeatedly. Everything has been wonderful, from the oil paintings on the walls now cracking with age, to the big conforatble booths. to the excellent service and atmosphere. I manage events and have worked in restaurants and around food for many years. So for me to go online and write a posting it has to be pretty great and this place is. It's very reasonably priced high quality food alone was enough to get me coming back not to mention the great old school atmostphere and exceptional service. Some of the great dishes I've tried include: The shrimp Florientina which

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hipcatmac 1 day ago

2 replies so far - Expand All obob96 Feb 09, 2007
If it's half as good as you say, I'm encouraged, given the less than enthusiastic past postings on CH. I grew up only a few blocks up the hill, and Monte's was always a glam choice and local fixture--take a stroll up a block to Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, and on the wall of names of parish kids who served in WWII are the Montemarano's--founders and maybe still owners (Nick M. still owns Gurney's Inn at Montauk, I believe). This is all a bit off post, granted, but could not resist a word or two about this corner of heart and home.
My dad's name is also on that memorial.

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obob96 Feb 09, 2007
Larry Brooks Feb 09, 2007
Agreed; this posts smells shilly to me.

I don't buy it.

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Larry Brooks Feb 09, 2007

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