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The Shutter Late Breaking Wrap-up: 7 Square, Poetessa Doneski

Any blood is better than no blood, no? A couple of late-day shutterings going out to you from us, with love.


1) Times Square: The Cutlets is all over the late-breaking shuttering of 7Square (above): "7Square, a “modern chophouse” we’re fond of, has suddenly and unexpectedly gone under. The restaurant will close after lunch today, we’re told by a source from within the restaurant, owing more to financial complications than the restaurant’s ability to lure customers. The close might be billed as temporary, but our source insists the doors will be shut for good. If only we hadn’t made plans to scarf lunch at our desk." Less than six months separated open and close in this case, by the way. Also fun: the website, like a still-beating heart ripped from a corpse, is still live. Go play. [NYM]

2) East Village: The RG has it that Poetessa has closed: "It seems this East Village Italian has closed its doors for good. Formerly East Post, Poetessa seemed an attractive neighborhood go-to for predictable tomato-studded staples. While the fare was just "good enough", the candlelight and poetry-laden walls had a neighborhood charm. Hell, even Bruni seemed to have a soft spot for this restaurant. It's anyone's guess who will tempt the space next..." [Restaurant Girl]