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Shutterwood: Buffa's Reworking into Delicatessen

[Buffa's, pre-renovation. Photo courtesy of pijus on Flickr]

Continuing with this week's journey into the heart of restaurant rebirth, a tipster emails regarding shuttered/plywooded Soho legend Buffa's at Prince and Lafayette:

A friend who lives in the hood and, was a regular there, and is friendly with the owner had been told that there was a deal signed with the people behind Cafeteria, and that it was to be turned into a branch of same, complete with a mac n cheese bar serving 15 kinds of the stuff. While I seem to remember that they were looking into some outdoor seating, they would definitely be open later hours (considering Buffa's was always closed by late afternoon). A mac n cheese bar would definitely be a welcome addition to the hood!
Eater staff reports confirm the Cafeteria connection: when the joint reopens in a few months, it'll be in connection with the pomo Chelsea diner. The new name: Delicatessen.
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