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Adventures in Shillling/Dish Mashup: Pinto

From an excited tipster we get word of Pinto, a new Thai restaurant on Christopher Street, which apparently opened Friday. His effusive, lengthy, detailed account certainly has shill written all over it, but if you're going to shill, sending photos and details about something new and newsworthy is good form. From the Eater inbox, with a grain of salt:

"I went to the new restaurant on christopher street last friday. I saw it had been underconstruction for quite a while. And the poster "what's in the box?" to make people curious. Finally, I found out that it is a new Thai restaurant. I'm very excited because there's no good thai restuarant [sic] around my neighbor. (I live on w10th). This restuarant [sic] name "Pinto" which I asked the owner what it means. He told me that it's the Thai word means "box of food". It sounds like "bento". That's why everything in this restaurant is square like boxes. I went to try this restaurant last friday which was the opening day. It was wonderful. The food was terriic [sic] unlike other Thai food I had before....The portion is good and the price is reasonabel [sic] for the wonderful item. I love Berkshire Pork. It's juicy and has variety of tests. It's so complex. Also, salmon sashimi is testy. The fish is so fresh. My friend had red snapper with tom-yam dashi soup. It was fabulous and light. It tasted so light at the beginning and after she ate it for quite a while. The soup turn red and more tastful [sic]. I would recommend this restaurant as a new coming. Pinto is located on Christopher st between Breeker [sic] and Bedford. It's very closed to Little Owl. The decoration was stunning and stylish. It's totally stand out from Chirstopher [sic] Street character. I recommend this one to you all, and check it out."

Shill probability: 89%.

Again, we're not condoning the practice of shilling. But if you're going to shill, those who at least make it interesting for the Eater writing staff will be handsomely-ish rewarded.