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Shutterwood Uptown Special: ex-Ollie's, ex-Googies, ex-Sipan

Shutterwood—that glorious rebirth of a closed restaurant into something new, and, presumably, more glorious. And away we go.

1) Upper East Side: Following up on a recent Shutter report, a reader emails, "the owners of ollies brassiere are turning it into an ottoesque pizza/panini place with chef kevin garcia from cesca." [SHUTTERWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: Another reader reveal: "The recently closed Googies (78th and 2nd) is now going to become another Vynl Restaurant. The big lighted sign went up yesterday." [SHUTTERWOOD]

3) Upper West Side: On the heels of last Friday's Plywood report, clarification on the connection between the shuttered Sipan that's been shutterwooded into Pio Pio Salon. Apparently the two always shared ownership; notes a tipster, "Sipan is connected to Pio Pio. Last time there, the matches were from Pio Pio." [SHUTTERWOOD]