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Anatomy of a Delayed Opening: Sam Mason's Tailor

We've been enjoying Cutlet's regular feature The Launch, in which former wd-50 pastry chef Sam Mason tells Cutlets about the process of opening his new restaurant Tailor. Now, just to be clear, when it finally does open Tailor will enjoy a glorious buzz cycle. Mason is a press darling who can flat-out cook. Plus, he's got management support from seasoned vets like Lauren Weiss (late of Abaya fame) and has got himself a liquor license at the primo intersection of Broome and Thompson in Soho. So that's all a given. But if, like us, you've been reading closely, you know that there isn't a chance in hell that Talior opens in 'early March' as The Launch would have you believe. In fact, though it is interesting to read about Sam's selection of specialty purveyors, the best part of the column is that it's a front row seat to what is surely a classically delayed restaurant opening. Case in point: dude hasn't even settled on his design aesthetic yet.

We’re also thinking about some design issues. We haven’t gotten far into it, but I looked at some plates the other day. They didn’t feel right as far as the vibe goes. They were too shiny, too modern, too fancy. We want everything to be a little old-timey, a little antiquated. We were even thinking of having the silverware intentionally tarnished.
Sit back and relax. Just so long as Mason doesn't stop filing reports, the show is only going to get better from here. Next up, the inevitable post that begins, 'we're ready to open and just waiting on the oyster forks to tarnish. Shouldn't be long now.'
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