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Plywood Report Special Update: Great Sotohiro Kosugi Coming?

In response to The Plywood from last Friday, a reader adds to the growing interest in 374 6th Avenue, formerly Ony:

this will be the sushi restaurant for japanese chef sotohiro kosugi. kosugi is a brilliant (and volatile - he's been known to shut down the restaurant and kick everyone out after someone ordered a diet coke) sushi chef who labored in (relative) obscurity in atlanta for about ten years. a third generation sushi chef and perfectionist, i think he tired of serving spicy tuna rolls to frat guys while having to throw out goldeneye snapper he had flown in fresh from tokyo's tsukiji market, so he closed the place in atlanta and announced he was going to open a restaurant in new york.

when i lived in atlanta, i ate there obsessively and since moving to new york i've been waiting to see if he would really open here.

in addition to being temperamental, his restaurant was always known for having almost comically bad service and long waits. and yes, he was honored as a best new chef by food & wine in 1997, for whatever that's worth.

And so begins the KosugiWatch.
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