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On Getting into Goldbar: Be Aware of Douchebag Bouncer

Eater had a look around Gold Bar this weekend. While the inside is your typical New Black hotness, it was the charade at the door that made the experience special. Here's the uncut, unexaggerated dialogue that occured at 12:15 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning:

Eater Party: Hi, it's the three of us.
Doorman 1: Are you on the list?
Eater Party:No, but Simon is a friend.
Doorman 1: Simon?
Eater Party:Yes.
Doorman 1: I don't see you on the list.
Eater Party: No, we're not. Is he here.
Doorman 1: Yes.
Eater Party: You mind radioing to see if he might grab us?
Doorman 1: Sorry, no.
Eater Party: Is he not here?
Doorman 1: No, he's here. Sorry, guys. It's not going to happen for you. [Smile]
[Doorman 1 walks inside.]
Doorman 2: What did you say your name was?
Eater Party: [name]
Doorman 2: OK, give me a second.
[DM2 walks inside; DM1 comes back out.]
Doorman 1: Is there anything else I can do for you?
Eater Party: No.
Doorman 1: It's not going to happen for you.
Eater Party: Got it.
Doorman 2: Come on in, guys. Sorry for the wait.
Riight. Re the inside, we came away with three impressions, this on our second night at the Great GoldBar. 1) Someone is going to get killed on the steps that must be traversed to get to and from the bar; 2) The skulls are teensy tiny. 3) Cain and the rest of 27th Street is dead-as-a-doornail dead.
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