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The Drying of NYC: SLA Drama for LES Lederhosen

Plans have been revealed for lower Orchard Street's loneliest storefront, the space formerly known as El Bocadito, the Mexican tapas joint that burst into flames last July and has since remained closed, its still-visible interior a charred reminder of the importance of fire safety. Last night, two gentlemen (oddly dressed in construction-lite gear) were standing outside, clipboards in hand, and politely asking passerby to sign a petition to keep the liquor license. Could the 'Dito be coming back to life? Alas, no: the guys are trying to open an Austrian restaurant at 77 Orchard and wanted to ensure that they could keep the venue's liquor license. The petition? A preemptive measure, just in case city councilfolk got testy on the matter. No ETA available at this time, but wiener schnitzel and boiled beef, with or without the spirits necessary to choke such things down, seem imminent. Plywood reports to follow. [EaterWire]
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